Battles 2 Popology

Website 0.25.11 - 6/19/2024

Added Battles 2 4.0.2 stats

Corrected 1xx and 2xx Boomerang Monkey pierce values

Added Ocean Obyn's Level 12 discount to the tower cost tool

Website 0.25.10 - 6/2/2024

Updated total moab damage stats for xx4 and xx5 Super Monkey (krunkerprime)

Website 0.25.9 - 5/23/2024

Added initial Etienne stats

Added initial Etienne bloon immunity probabilities (jake6542)

Website 0.25.8 - 5/22/2024

Added Battles 2 4.0 balance changes

Added hero portrait icons to the heroes page

Website 0.25.7 - 5/17/2024

Added Fateweaver Adora's Level 10 Chains of Fate having infinite pierce

Website 0.25.6 - 5/14/2024

Added the play a game every day for 365 days in a row accolade (vuldo

Website - 5/14/2024

Resolved an issue where the play a game every day for 365 days in a row accolade was not displayed

Website 0.25.5 - 5/5/2024

Added a section to the terminology page detailing in which order upgrades and buffs are calculated

Reduced the maximum width of the terminology page to improve readability

Website 0.25.4 - 5/5/2024

Added battle ready stat to Smudge Catt Ezili's Level 3 ability

Corrected Ezili's Level 7 ability uptime (krunkerprime)

Corrected Smudge Catt Ezili's Level 7 ability uptime (krunkerprime, urhere) and cooldown (urhere)

Moved 5xx Dartling Gunner's bonus damage applying to 3 targets to 502 (destructivforce)

Fixed typo for the total duration of a Tight ZOMG send (krunkerprime)

Website 0.25.3 - 4/25/2024

Added tower price values from Battles 2 3.3.2

Website 0.25.2 - 4/12/2024

Added Battles 2 3.3.2 balance changes

Fixed formatting issue for Sentain Churchill Level 20 stats

Added basic Fateweaver Adora Level 3, 7, and 10 stats (destructivforce, jake6542, jessiepatch)

Fixed inaccurate total stun duration for Pat Fusty Level 13 (jessiepatch)

Fixed formatting issue for Pat Fusty levels 17-20 (jessiepatch)

Removed 230 crosspathing benefits that allow the x3x Ice Monkey to affect lead bloons because it does so natively (krunkerprime)

Website 0.25.1 - 4/12/2024

Corrected xx4 Alchemist's golden status to give $2 per layer (ertos-accounter)

Fixed pierce values for the xx4 and 104 Alchemist's gold-splash attack

Fixed price values in the tower cost tool for x4x Mortar Monkey (destructivforce), 4xx Bomb Shooter, xx4 Glue Gunner, xx4 Sniper Monkey, xx4 Monkey Buccaneer, 4xx Apache Prime, x2x Super Monkey, and x4x Banana Farm. All tower upgrades have been re-checked in game to make sure that they are accurate.

Website 0.25 - 4/12/2024

Added a dedicated terminology page

Website 0.24.8 - 4/10/2024

x4x Ice Monkey activated ability applies a 50%s buff to all Ice Monkeys and Fusty the Snowman, not just x5x (mawobtd)

Added ability duration and cooldown stats for Level 10 Fateweaver Adora

Added missing knockback stats for 041 and 051 Super Monkey (minimumornot)

Fixed button formatting on Firefox

Known issue: media queries on some versions of Safari are formatted incorrectly resulting in a bugged interface and no dark mode

Website 0.24.7 - 3/28/2024

Fixed crosspath typo for x3x Spike Factory (mawobtd)

Addded stun duration nerf from Battles 2 3.2.4 for xx3 Ninja Monkey (minimumornot)

Added normal type and camo for Adora's Level 3 long-arm-of-light ability (updateflash)

Made some UI elements on the home screen smaller on mobile.

Website 0.24.6 - 3/28/2024

Added initial Fateweaver Adora stats

Fixed Tournament page formatting for mobile devices

Fixed Level 19 Adora giving bonus fortified damage instead of damage

Website 0.24.5 - 3/28/2024

Corrected amount of bloons for grouped Rainbow Bloons (updateflash)

Corrected amount of eco granted for grouped Purple Bloons (krunkerprime)

Corrected amount of eco granted for grouped Pink Bloons (krunkerprime)

Corrected cost of grouped Pink Bloons (krunkerprime)

Fixed crosspath typos for 3xx and 4xx Ninja Monkey (pir)

Website 0.24.4 - 3/27/2024

Added Battles 2 3.3 balance changes

Website 0.24.3 - 3/24/2024

Fixed an issue where text color on the buttons to select categories did not properly change to retain proper contrast

Made more buttons on the popology page selectable with tab

Fixed issue with displaying some content on narrow viewports on the homepage

Website 0.24.2 - 3/24/2024

Changed language for the amount of money made by xx5 Engineer Monkey (destructivforce)

Website 0.24.1 - 3/18/2024

Added 4xx and 5xx Super Monkey discounts to the tower cost tool

Added logic to always change to a valid tower path in the tower cost tool

Website 0.24 - 3/15/2024

Added a tournaments page to display information about Popology Weekly and potentially other Battles 2 tournaments

Website 0.23.2 - 3/13/2024

Changed 4xx Super Monkey support tower temple buff from +1md to +1d (ertos_accounter)

Identified 4xx Super Monkey support tower temple buff giving +1d as a bug

Fixed typo for the name of the 4xx Sniper Monkey (jake6542, vuldo)

Removed x3x Ice Monkey not being able to slow down White Bloons (krunkerprime)

Removed x3x Ice Monkey not being able to slow down Lead Bloons

Fixed damage math for 5xx Super Monkey (hooboo100)

x5x Ninja Monkey grand-sabotage damage does not contribute to pop count (hooboo100)

Added bug where Obyn Greenfoot's ward-totem may sell itself immediately after placing on some maps (atacothatgames)

Added bug where x5x Wizard Monkey spawns too many phoenix subtowers when detransforming with an attack cooldown buff active (foxyops)

Website 0.23.1 - 3/3/2024

Changed base Engineer Monkey display price to $400 (ertos_accounter)

Website 0.23 - 3/2/2024

Added basic sacrifice info for 4xx Super Monkey

Slightly increased the space between lines to improve readability

Website 0.22.11 - 3/1/2024

Added Battles 2 3.2.4 changes

Website 0.22.10 - 2/23/2024

Fixed an issue where the tower cost tool would display when switching to a category where the tool is not available (adamthepig)

Fixed styling on the Accolade and Bloon buttons on the Popology page in dark mode

Website 0.22.9 - 2/18/2024

Corrected typo on Level 7 Adora's blood-sacrifice sacrifice buff's attack cooldown multiplier (nitjus)

Fixed incorrect road item damage total on xx4 Spike Factory

Website 0.22.8 - 2/8/2024

Corrected typo on the amount of additional pierce the x1x crosspath applies to 410 Tack Shooter (jake6542)

Website 0.22.7 - 2/6/2024

Removed the +0d damage per 200 graveyard Wall of Fire bonus from 024 Wizard Monkey (JazzyJonah)

Website 0.22.6 - 2/5/2024

Updated 1xx, 2xx, and x3x Super Monkey tower costs in the tower cost tool

Website 0.22.5 - 2/5/2024

Changed Monkey Sub base cost from $350 to $325 in the tower cost tool

Website 0.22.4 - 2/4/2024

Changed the x3x Ninja Monkey's pierce buff from multiplicative to additive (jake6542)

Biker Bones Level 1 explosion has a 50% chance to have normal type (7770005)

Quincy Level 3 rapid-shot is battle ready (JazzyJonah)

DJ Benjammin' Level 19 party-time lasts 9 seconds instead of 15 (mawobtd)

Website 0.22.3 - 1/31/2024

Fixed typo for how long x4x Engineer Monkey's overclock ability lasts on a tower

Changed spacing between items in the tower cost tool when in compare mode

Website 0.22.2 - 1/31/2024

Added Battles 2 3.2 changes

Website 0.22.1 - 1/27/2024

Fixing an issue causing the content inside of the tower cost calculator being able to exceed the size of its container and blow out the page in compare mode

Website 0.22 - 1/26/2024

Added a feature to the Popology page to compare two stat pages next to each other

Website - 1/27/2023

Update randomizer for the Popology Weekly 6 tournament

Website 0.21.1 - 1/14/2024

Changed the Win games with a tower Level 2 accolade from 250 games to 100 games (atacothatgames)

Added 100 lifetime pierce to x2x Monkey Wizard's wall-of-fire (jajajosh)

Fixed hamburger menu on the Popology page not working on mobile (nitjus)

Website - 1/16/2023

Updated home screen banner

Removed the Tournaments (coming soon) text from the navigation bar

Website - 1/16/2023

Uploaded JSON data for clans

Website - 1/16/2023

Clan roster update

Website - 1/25/2023

Update randomizer for the Popology Weekly 6 tournament

Website 0.21 - 1/9/2024

Added dedicated discount and sellback buff buttons and icons to the tower cost tool

Website 0.20.1 - 1/9/2024

Corrected bottom path Super Monkey prices for the tower cost tool (theoneandonlyghast)

Website 0.20 - 1/8/2024

Updated the Popology page with new styling and improved navigation for towers

Made the tower cost tool more user-friendly

Website 0.19.1 - 1/8/2024

Added a custom scrollbar style

Website 0.19 - 1/6/2024

Updated the homepage

Fixed the hamburger not working on the Clan page

Fixed 5xx Dartling Gunner having incorrect base damage, shocked4 damage bonus, and shocked4 damage total values

Fixed the pierce bonus for Ocean Obyn's level 20 unleash-the-krakens (Spork)

Website 0.18.1 - 12/26/2023

Copied "Wins with a tower" data into to "Win games with a tower" then removed it, added level 4 (vuldora)

Added levels for "Win with a tower category" (vuldora)

Added level 2 for "Complete Events" (vuldora)

Added level 4 for "Win Event Games", "Win Casual Games", and "Collect Money From Farms" (vuldora)

Website 0.18 - 12/26/2023

Initial clan page API support

Fixed formatting for total fortified damage for 3xx Spike Factory (jake6542)

xx5 Monkey Ace's second copy of the barrage attack targets strong instead of close (qwertyxp2000, mawobtd)

Changed 205 Mortar Monkey's bonus burn damage from overall damage to moab damage and added the +3 overall damage to the crosspath (qwertyxp2000)

Updated and fixed 4xx and 5xx Super Monkey price values for calculating prices

Added a price entry for xx2 Spike Factory so that the price calculation tool works properly with all Spike Factory combinations that include xx2

Improved language for degrow, delead, and defortify effects for xx4 and xx5 Mortar Monkey (ecolisz)

Fixed total damage per spike values for x5x Spike Factory storm-spikes (ecolisz)

4xx Super Monkey can see past obstacles (jxmyy21)

Website - 12/26/2023

Removed the View on button because it does not work

Website - 12/26/2023

Added version number to the version history page

Website 0.17 - 12/6/2023

Added Battles 2 3.1 Balance Changes

Changed 5xx Dart Monkey lead damage bonus formatting to be more consistent

Moved note for 5xx Tack Shooter meteor explosion to be inline

Website 0.16.4 - 12/1/2023

Corrected xx3 and xx4 Super Monkey MOAB bonus damage (carrotor for testing)

Fixed Level 8 Quincy MOAB Damage typo

Website 0.16.3 - 11/22/2023

Added player medals, trophy count, and club status to player profiles

Website 0.16.2 - 11/21/2023

Added player banners to profile popups

Website 0.16.1 - 11/20/2023

Fixed a visual issue with the dark mode loading icon

Website 0.16 - 11/20/2023

Added a Popology Clan Page!

Fixed xx5 Monkey Village income (destructivforce)

Fixed a season number bug on the homepage.

Website 0.15.7 - 11/11/2023

Fixed some outdated new change formatting

Website 0.15.6 - 11/11/2023

Removed some outdated arrows (qwertyxp2000)

Changed x1x Sniper Monkey's +1 bonus damage from "cmd" to "cad" (qwertyxp2000)

Added increased projectile size to x3x Tack Shooter (qwertyxp2000)

Fixed too many things being on the same line of text for x4x and x5x Ice Monkey (qwertyxp2000)

Changed x4x Dartling Gunner's rocket storm explosion pierce from 6 to 8 (qwertyxp2000)

Website 0.15.5 - 11/3/2023

Changed Star Captain Jericho Level 20's capacity from $20,000 to $25,000 (theoneandonlyghast)

Accounted for hand switching when describing Boomerang Monkey's projectile path (qwertyxp2000)

3xx Boomerang Monkey's glaive travels in a straight line (qwertyxp2000)

Removed Pat Fusty level 10 buff saying it does not do anything (qwertyxp2000)

Website 0.15.4 - 11/2/2023

Added Star Captain Jericho Level 8 in-it-for-the-money ability duration (vuldo, theoneandonlyghast)

Changed Star Captain Jericho Level 18 duration buff from smuggle-run to money-trap (theoneandonlyghast, vuldo)

Added Star Captain Jericho Level 20 smuggle-run ability duration (vuldo, theoneandonlyghast)

Website 0.15.3 - 10/21/2023

Added Star Captain Jericho Level 10 smuggle-run ability duration (theoneandonlyghast)

x5x Druid brambles have normal type

Website 0.15.2 - 10/19/2023

Added an loading indicator when news has not yet loaded on the home page

Website 0.15.1 - 10/19/2023

Corrected several values for bloon stats

Website 0.15 - 10/18/2023

Added bloon stats

Website 0.14.6 - 10/14/2023

Fixed an issue where the price calculator generated incorrect prices for 20x upgrades (vuldo)

Improved visibility of the hamburger menu

Website 0.14.5 - 10/14/2023

Changed 105 Mortar Monkey wall-of-fire pierce from 25p to 45p (doot_revenant666)

Added Level 7 damage buff values for Star Captian Jericho (qwertyxp2000)

Changed 104 Alchemist gold-splash pierce from 23 to 20 (vtri)

Moved the 2.2.1 Monkey Buccaneer buffs from 030 to 031 (jake6542)

Website 0.14.4 - 10/11/2023

Corrected incorrect values on Star Captain Jericho level 6 (qwertyxp2000)

Added an initial cooldown of 0 for Star Captain Jericho's level 10 (qwertyxp2000)

Changed the fortified modifier buff for Star Captain Jericho level 9 to 12.5% (v0lcano, emilplane)

Website 0.14.3 - 10/11/2023

Added data for Star Captain Jericho level 6 for stronger bloons (v0lcano, qwertyxp2000, destructivforce)

Added an initial cooldown of 0 for Star Captain Jericho's level 10 (qwertyxp2000)

Website 0.14.2 - 10/11/2023

Added a note that Star Captain Jericho's level 3 affected bloons still work even after the ability expires

Website 0.14.1 - 10/11/2023

Added regrow buff data for Star Captain Jericho (vuldora, destructivforce)

Added camo buff data for Star Captain Jericho (vuldora, theoneandonlyghast)

Corrected Star Captain Jericho's so that he can pop lead Bloons (destructivforce, vuldora)

Added 5xx Monkey Buccaneer platform sizes (theoneandonlyghast, vuldora)

Website 0.14 - 10/11/2023

Added update 2.2 data

Website 0.13.19 - 10/01/2023

Level 10 Sentai Churchill attacks 50 times instead of 64 (baconisbets)

Level 12 Ezili heartstopper gives normal damage to towers

Website 0.13.18 - 9/25/2023

Added Discord button to the header

Made links more readable (qwertyxp2000)

Website 0.13.17 - 9/21/2023

Changed 030 Tack Shooter pierce from 6p to +2p (4p) (destructivforce)

Website 0.13.16 - 9/20/2023

Changed x3x Dartling Gunner rocket to have 3i and for explosions to take 1i (ertos_accounter)

Website 0.13.15 - 9/18/2023

Changed x3x Dartling Gunner rocket from pierce to impact (ertos_accounter)

Website 0.13.14 - 9/14/2023

Added Battles 2 2.1.2 Changes

Website 0.13.13 - 9/13/2023

Removed the description in the tower cost tool saying the feature was new

Website 0.13.12 - 9/11/2023

Changed the Level 4 Upgrade to Tier 5 accolade from 200 times to 500 times (.ctrlb)

Website 0.13.11 - 9/6/2023

FIxed hamburger menu not working on some pages

Website 0.13.10 - 9/5/2023

Added a hamburger menu for mobile

Website 0.13.9 - 9/4/2023

Changed xx5 Monkey Wizard's calculated shimmer attack cooldown to 0.75s (doot_revenant666)

Corrected Level 11 Smudge Catt Ezili's end of round lives to give lives every 2 rounds instead of every round (vuldo)

Website 0.13.8 - 9/4/2023

Changed x4x Super Monkey base attack cooldown from a static attack cooldown to a percentage (80%s) and changed the calculated value to match (0.036s) (doot_revenant666)

Website 0.13.7 - 8/25/2023

Fixed the category selector appearing blue on some devices

Website 0.13.6 - 8/25/2023

Fixed banners not appearing when the viewport is exactly 600 pixels wide

Website 0.13.5 - 8/25/2023

Added dark mode so that jazzy doesn't get blinded

Website 0.13.4 - 8/25/2023

Added Battles 2 2.1.1 Changes

Website 0.13.3 - 8/24/2023

Improved decimal interactions in the tower cost tool

Fixed error which displayed incorrect sell prices with crosspathing in the tower cost tool

The tower cost tool now accounts for xx2 Banana Farm sellback

Website 0.13.2 - 8/23/2023

Fixed sell prices in the tower cost tool ending with a very long decimal (nitjus.)

Website 0.13.1 - 8/23/2023

Reduced banner sizes on large devices

Website 0.13 - 8/23/2023

Added tower costs feature to view total tower costs and sellback costs

Improved data on the xx4 Druid bug (ryan_mehalic)

Fixed Dartling Gunner formatting issues

Website 0.12.6 - 8/22/2023

Added bug where Pat Fusty Level 10 and Fusty the Snowman Level 10 are useless (updateflash)

Website 0.12.5 - 8/22/2023

Added bug where xx4 Druid applies the xx3 Druid buff to nearby monkeys (akcuber)

Website 0.12.4 - 8/21/2023

Changed “Gwendolyn” to “Gwendolin” and “Science Gwendolyn” to “Science Gwendolin” (Qwertyxp2000#3394)

Website 0.12.3 - 8/21/2023

Added preview tower cost feature

Website 0.12.2 - 8/21/2023

Fixed buttons appearing too close to each other vertically

Added hero cost reduction to 5xx Monkey Sub (vtri)

Website 0.12.1 - 8/16/2023

Added a bug on the xx3 Druid Monkey where the attack speed buff does sometimes not apply (aAtacoThatGames)

Website 0.12 - 8/16/2023

Added accolades to the popology page

Added Mortar Monkey bug where the shell is 100% accurate (david_thesuperior)

Website 0.11 - 8/16/2023

Updated stats to Battles 2 2.1

Website 0.10.1 - 8/15/2023

Fixed dropdown text color on certain devices

Fixed Luckiest Guy font on the popology page on certain devices

Website 0.10 - 8/15/2023

Adapted new design to popology page

Added dropdowns to select towers instead of buttons and scrolling

Fixed xx3+ Super Monkey attack speed

Website 0.9.3 - 8/14/2023

Adapted new design to updates page

Changed x3x Heli Pilot price from $3,000 to $3,200 (ertos-accounter)

Website 0.9.2 - 8/8/2023

Fixed incorrect season info

Website 0.9.1 - 8/8/2023

Added a max width to the homepage

Website 0.9 - 8/7/2023

Updated home page

Website 0.8.5 - 8/6/2023

Changed Level 9 Highwayman Jericho's fortified Bloon modifier from -$0.4x to -$0.3x (ertos-accounter)

Changed xx5 Monkey Sub to affect all towers on the map (vtri)

Changed x3x Monkey Wizard fireball from 8d to 9d (vtri)

Changed x3x Dartling Gunner total explosions from 4 to 3 (ertos-accounter)

Website 0.8.4 - 8/5/2023

Changed x1x Monkey Wizard fireball from on damage to on contact

Changed x3x Monkey Wizard fireball damage from 9 to 8 (theoneandonlyghast, ertos-accounter)

Website 0.8.3 - 7/29/2023

Changed 2xx Dartling Gunner price from $750 to $600 (ertos-accounter)

Changed Pat Fusty Level 3 to buff all towers in 30r, not just ice towers (NioMastr 2.0#2166)

Website 0.8.2 - 7/29/2023

Changed 4xx Dartling Gunner price from $11,000 to $12,000 (ertos-accounter)

Changed x4x Spike Factory ability spikes from pierce to impact

Changed xx4 and xx5 Engineer monkey trap pierce to impact

Added a note to xx4 Engineer Monkey that extra money is not earned from bloons that exceed the impact limit

Website 0.8.1 - 7/27/2023

Changed xx4 Monkey Engineer trap pierce from 1200p to 500p (david_thesuperior)

Website 0.8 - 7/26/2023

Fixed the Luckiest Guy font looking so dang terrible on most devices

Added a simple hover effect to buttons

Website 0.7 - 7/19/2023

Added Battles 2 2.0.4 data

Website 0.6 - 7/19/2023

Added all remaining hero data (Vuldo)

Website 0.5.1 - 7/18/2023

Changed Scientist Gwendolyn's unlock requirements from “Complete Training Camp” to “2,000 MM + 40,000 Gwendolyn Points”

Website 0.5 - 7/18/2023

Added Cyber Quincy, Gwendolyn, and Scientist Gwendolyn data (Vuldo)

Website 0.4.3 - 7/12/2023

Fixed typos (vTri)

Fixed updates page scaling on mobile

Website 0.4.2 - 7/11/2023

Added an updates page

Website 0.4.1 - 7/11/2023

Fixed links appearing black

Website 0.4 - 7/11/2023

Added shortened urls for Popology data (vTri)

Added a Terminology section at the bottom of Popology entries

Website 0.3.2 - 7/11/2023

Added blank sections for all heroes

Website 0.3.1 - 7/10/2023

Added blank sections for Gwendolyn, Scientist Gwendolyn, Obyn, and Ocean Obyn

Website 0.3 - 7/10/2023

Added a other resources section to the home screen

Website 0.2.9 - 7/9/2023

Added Quincy data

Added a heroes home screen button

Website 0.2.8 - 7/9/2023

Removed button redirects to the original document for Heli Pilot, Mortar Monkey, and Dartling Gunner

Website 0.2.7 - 7/9/2023

Added better interactivity (vTri)

Javascript for Popology section reduced significantly

Added Heli Pilot, Mortar Monkey, and Dartling Gunner data